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160% increase in retention for ClearStake customers

Real-time risk profiling tool provider ClearStake has revealed a significant reduction in player churn and a boost in limit increase approvals, as the company reports results from operators using the solution.

ClearStake’s Open Banking technology, built specifically for the gambling industry, helps operators reduce player churn by instantly identifying which players can stake freely and which need protecting, minimising harm while maximising revenue.

Sharing data for the first time, the company revealed that one sportsbook operator saw a 160% increase in players completing enhanced due diligence (EDD) checks with ClearStake, when compared with conventional methods. And another online casino platform used ClearStake to speed up and manage the process through which players request a change to the standard spending limit applied to all new players. By using ClearStake, the operator reported a 500% increase in approvals of limit increases, from 10% to 60%, as a result of improved player convenience and the rich data provided to its compliance team.

The customer also observed a 60% reduction in the time it takes staff to reach a decision on a player’s financial health when compared to manual reviews.

Martin Burt, Founder of ClearStake, says: “These customer results show the ability of ClearStake’s Open Banking technology to expedite the financial risk check process, save money and improve confidence in decisions around affordability.

“We look forward to seeing a further boost in these statistics as our customers deepen integration and widen use cases.”

Author: Charles Howard