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BetConstruct adds features to its Business Dashboard

BetConstruct has introduced its upgraded Business Dashboard, designed to make data-driven decisions and empower businesses.

This already powerful tool has been enriched with further features, providing even more insights and data to partners from multiple sources.

One main benefit of the updated platform is the ability to analyse CRM campaigns and gather key metrics about customers to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing promotions.

With the newly incorporated fast and interactive Data Visualisation, users can now explore and analyse data more easily across various dimensions.

The comprehensive Data Integration feature allows data to be consolidated from multiple sources, with all essential reports centralised in one place. And the updated service now provides Data Verification by an in-house developed platform, adding reliability and security to the whole process.

Another notable addition to the Business Dashboard is the customisation and consultation possibilities. Businesses can now tailor the dashboard to their specific requirements with the help of in-house analyst experts who will guide companies to use the maximum potential of the tool.

The new additions combined with existing payments, betting and player acquisition features make the Business Dashboard the ideal tool for partners to make effective business decisions and have more control over their metrics.

Author: Charles Howard