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BetConstruct introduces multi-wallet and custom token features

As one of the pioneers introducing crypto technologies to the iGaming world, BetConstruct is constantly creating offerings for businesses to develop new opportunities.

BetConstruct’s latest solutions are the multi-wallet and custom token features, created to tie crypto and iGaming businesses more firmly together.

The multi-wallet solution promises to become a game-changer for players and partners alike. Users can now seamlessly manage multiple wallets, including cryptocurrencies and fiat, for deposits, withdrawals and gameplay, without the need for conversions.

The multi-wallet solution also makes the integration with preferred crypto wallets like Metamask easy and accessible to everyone.

In addition, partners can also tap into this solution to create new custom tokens, mirroring the success of FTN. These tokens, created on Bahamut and powered by smart contract software, feature customisable variables to suit diverse business needs.

Regarding technical aspects, BetConstruct support extends to maintaining the token listings on both centralised and decentralised exchanges, including technical backing of liquidity management, market-making, promotions and marketing.

BetConstruct also offers help in forming token-issuing entities, drafting and reviewing whitepapers, providing legal opinions, setting up bank accounts, preparing agreements and acquiring crypto exchange licenses across various jurisdictions.

BetConstruct is revolutionising the crypto-iGaming landscape with its user-friendly multi-wallet & custom token features. The new crypto management and token personalisation solutions are believed to mark a significant leap forward, forging stronger connections for businesses to explore a realm of exciting possibilities.

To find out more, watch the video here.

Author: Charles Howard