BIG Cyber publishes AI and Casinos White Paper

BIG Cyber publishes AI and Casinos White Paper

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the casino and gaming industry by enhancing various aspects to provide a better experience for both casinos and players.

AI is used in the protection of casinos from fraud and criminal activities, using real-time monitoring to identify suspicious behaviour and banned individuals. It also enhances game play by analysing player data and preferences, enabling casinos to offer tailored experiences.

AI improves customer experience through chatbots, personalised recommendations and feedback analysis. AI also ensures fair game play by detecting anomalies and deviations from expected outcomes in real-time. It also supports IT operations by monitoring network traffic and predicting failures. This prevents disruptions, ensuring seamless casino operations.

However, despite the benefits, there are potential risks. AI systems can be vulnerable to hacking, which could lead to data theft or game manipulation.

Security specialists BIG Cyber has produced a concise White Paper, outlining the transformative power of AI within the casino and gaming environment.

Download this informative White Paper, free of charge, HERE

Author: Charles Howard