Boost Your Profits This Year

Boost Your Profits This Year

Last Updated on October 6, 2022 by The Betting Dad Team

If you’re looking to learn, boost your profits or motivate yourself, these matched betting tips are for you.

I’ve compiled a list of the best tips that will help not only beginners but experienced matched bettors also.

If you can master all of these matched betting tips you’ll be a pro in no time.

Let’s get started:

1. Never Gamble

Arguably the most important tip.

If you’ve ever experienced gambling problems, you should probably stay away from this.

Although matched betting is not gambling, we use gambling websites to profit from.

As a result, the temptation will always be there if you’ve had past issues with gambling.

The whole purpose of matched betting is to make money, not lose it.

If you think you or someone close to you has a gambling problem, visit GamCare for help, support and advice.

2. Expect A Slow Start While You Learn

Be aware from the start that matched betting isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’.

It is, however, a brilliant and legal way of making consistent money from the comfort of your home.

Matched betting is not a get rich quick scheme

The aim is to get to a stage where you will be making a regular £200-£500 extra income each month.

Learning the basics might take a while, so if you are new to this, be patient and take it at your own pace.

As you begin to understand it, you’ll get quicker which will mean you’ll earn more money in less time.

3. Keep Records Of Your Progress

Recording each offer you complete will keep you motivated to keep going.

To see your profit gradually accumulate is very rewarding.

Oddsmonkey Profit TrackerOddsmonkey‘s Profit Tracker.

Furthermore, as you open more bookmaker and casino accounts, you’ll want to be able to access information easily and quickly.

Good records can also serve as a reminder to make sure you use your free bets and bonuses before they expire.

Both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey make it easy to record progress with their Profit Trackers.

These Profit Trackers are simple to use and perfect for beginners.

However, I personally use my own matched betting spreadsheet out of habit.

4. Be Consistent

Whatever level you are at, this is one of the most important matched betting tips.

If you can commit a certain amount of time each day, you’ll see much better results.

This doesn’t have to be a long period of time.

I recommend beginners try and spend 30 minutes a day matched betting.

I think anyone can make at least half an hour of spare time each day.

Whether that’s early in the morning, late at night or swapping TV or gaming to matched betting.

Turning up every day or whenever possible will give you a huge advantage over most people and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

5. Start With At Least £200

You can, in theory, start matched betting with as little as £50.

However, progress will be slow as you may need to wait a while for withdrawals to then recycle your money.

This can be really frustrating and you’ll need a lot of patience.

The more money you start with, the more you can potentially make in a shorter space of time.

This is because you can take on multiple offers simultaneously.

That being said, I still think around £200 is a nice amount to start with if you are brand new to matched betting.

£200 is enough to take on one or two offers at a time until you are fully confident with the process.

When you become more experienced, there is nothing stopping you using more money if you have the means.

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Gubbed (But Do Your Best To Avoid It)

This isn’t so much a tip but a plea!

Please don’t let the fear of being gubbed stop you from starting!

Of course, do all you possibly can to avoid being gubbed, but when it happens, move on.

Avoid getting gubbed when matched betting

I receive a lot of emails asking questions like:

‘Won’t the bookmakers ban me if I start matched betting?’

I think it’s strange that this is the thing that’s stopping them from starting.

The truth is that eventually, yes, you will get gubbed.

If you just accept that from the start it makes it a lot easier to accept and move on.

You’ll find some bookmaker accounts will last a few bets or even one bet!

Yet, some bookmaker accounts will last for months or even years.

Remember, when you get gubbed, it ultimately means you are doing something right.

It means you are an unprofitable customer to that bookmaker.

In other words, you are making money.

So, don’t let an irrational fear of something that hasn’t even happened yet stop you from matched betting.

Once you do get gubbed, you could look into the so-called partner friendly bookies for more opportunities.

Or even consider exploring the more controversial matched betting method known as multi accounting.

7. Use A Separate Email

A separate matched betting email address will keep everything more manageable for you.

It’s free, quick and easy to do.

You can then use the new email for the sole purpose of signing up for new bookmaker and casinos accounts.

You will then receive any free bets, bonus emails and matched betting tips in one place.

This will help by keeping all your matched betting emails separate from your personal or work emails.

8. Use A Separate Bank Account

Matched betting is your own mini business, a separate bank account will help you treat it as so.

A dedicated bank account will make it easier to track your deposits and withdrawals to and from bookmaker and casino accounts.

Most importantly, it will help prevent you from spending your matched betting profits.

The more money you have available to use, the more you can generate by taking on more offers simultaneously.

9. Use A Matched Betting Site

Matched betting sites are incredibly good value.

They serve us by making life as easy as possible for us to make money.

A good matched betting site will:

– Teach us how to profit from different types of offers

– Find the best offers

– Provide tools to make the process quick and easy

– Provide continued support

In my opinion, the two best matched betting services are Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey.

Both provide a complete service with detailed guides and easy to use tools that make all types of offers easier.

Profit Accumulator 2021 PricingProfit Accumulator – Start Your Free Trial HereOddsmonkey Pricing 2021Oddsmonkey – Start Your Free Trial Here

You can’t go wrong with either of them and this will be your only ongoing expense when matched betting.

Both have free trials that will help you make some money to get you started before you decide whether to join or not.

You can use this Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator comparison guide to see which you prefer the look of.

As a member of these sites, you will have access to 0% commission on Smarkets betting exchange.

This benefit alone makes the membership fee worth it.

10. Learn From Mistakes

If you are brand new and learning the matched betting process, it can seem complicated at first.

It’s forgivable to make a mistake.

The main thing is, you learn from the mistake and move on.

Don’t be disheartened and end up letting it stop you from making money.

Ensure you are double and triple-checking your bets, this will cut out the majority of mistakes beginners make.

In addition, going through these matched betting tips will help prepare you against making any basic mistakes.

11. Complete ALL Sportsbook New Customer Account Offers

Quite often people do the most popular bookmaker accounts then move on to daily calendar offers.

Make sure you work through all the new customer account offers you possibly can.

More accounts equals more potential profit when matched betting

This is a great way to build your bankroll with straightforward, simple offers.

Also, by opening more accounts, you will be growing your matched betting business.

More bookmaker and casino accounts = More offers available = More money

Furthermore, there are new bookmakers and casinos popping up all the time.

Make sure you check your matched betting site’s new customer area and forum regularly.

You might find a new customer offer you haven’t completed which is easy money just waiting for you to take.

12. Make The Most Of 2Up Early Payout Offers

The 2up early payout offer is currently available at Bet365 and Paddy Power.

This offer is a must for growing your profits.

The reason I think it is the best matched betting offer is that it has the perfect blend of:

– Low risk

– Potential for high returns

– Quick and easy to set up

There is also no cap to your winnings applied by Bet 365. (Paddy Power has a maximum payout on the offer of £2500).

Oddsmonkey's Early Payout CalculatorOddsmonkey‘s Early Payout Calculator.

The strategy merely involves placing two bets.

A back bet with Bet365 or Paddy Power and a lay bet at a betting exchange.

This gives you a great value bet on a football team going two goals up and then losing the lead.

You can find out more information on this strategy in my post about 2up early payout offers.

Extra place offers are also low risk, have potentially high returns and are easy to set up.

The additional benefit is that this strategy will work on your gubbed accounts.

The strategy involves placing three bets:

– An each-way bet using a bookmaker

– A Win lay bet using a betting exchange

– A Place lay bet using a betting exchange

Extra Place offer example

These bets create a very low-risk chance of a high return.

You can read how it works it more detail in my post about extra place offers.

14. Learn Casino Offers (But Remember Tip 1 – Never Gamble)

Casino offers aren’t strictly matched betting, however, we can take advantage of casino bonuses in a similar way.

Unlike some sport offers, you won’t make a profit every time.

Instead, we can work out which offers have a positive Estimated Value (EV)  and are worth doing.

You need to be aware that all casino slots and games are designed to take your money.

The only way to beat them and have an advantage is by using bonuses.

Never think that you can beat the casino with your own money alone.

The best way to separate you from the lure of gambling is to remember that these slots and games are simply random number generators behind fancy colourful graphics and addictive music and sounds.

There are a number of casino new account offers that are risk-free and don’t require any deposit.

This is a good place to start to get a feel for how they work.

Taking time to learn and understand casino offers is one of the matched betting tips that boosted my profits significantly.

It adds another string to your bow and an extra income stream to your matched betting business.

15. Use An Auto Clicker For Long Casino Offers

This is so helpful for when you need to wager a large volume of spins for a casino offer.

Instead of sitting there clicking ‘spin’ on a slot or setting ‘autoplay’ going every 100 spins, you can use an auto clicker.

An auto clicker is a simple bit of software that you can download for free which automates clicking.

You can simply set it going and it will click constantly until you stop it.

You can then get on with something else and come back to check on your wagering every so often.

The auto clicker I use is called GS Auto Clicker and is free to download and very simple to use.

16. Focus On EV Targets Rather Than Profit/Loss

Matched betting is relatively easy and rewarding when working through the new customer account offers.

If the process is done correctly it results in a risk-free guaranteed profit.

The problem is, after these, a lot of the ongoing matched betting offers aren’t guaranteed profit.

This puts people off and they give up.

This is a shame because some of the existing customer offers are actually more valuable than the new customer offers.

They just require more patience and sometimes learning a new tool or strategy.

The ongoing matched betting offers will be more profitable but less of a smoother ride.

One of the best matched betting tips I received early in my journey, was to focus on Estimated Value (EV) instead of profit or loss.

This is particularly helpful when moving onto casino offers or any higher risk type of offer.

Obviously, you’ll need to manage your bankroll appropriately so you are never risking more than you can afford.

However, by just aiming to take a certain amount of EV each day, it helps focus on just completing offers.

By doing this, it will help you:

– Not feel too disheartened when you have made a loss

– Not get too carried away with bigger wins

Basically, by focussing on EV over profit will keep you motivated to carry on taking value as well as keeping your feet on the ground.

17. Use Multiple Betting Exchanges

It’s very easy to get used to one betting exchange and stick with them.

However, there are times a different betting exchange may have better odds.

When you get to stage where your stakes are larger, a small difference in odds can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The main betting exchanges are:

– Betfair (2-5% commission)

– Smarkets (2% commission)

– Matchbook (2% commission)

– BetDaq (2% Commission/0% Commission on selected sports)

18. Take Advantage Of 0% Commission Deals

As a member of Profit Accumulator, Oddsmonkey or Profit Maximiser, you’ll be eligible to pay 0% commission at Smarkets on winning bets.

This benefit alone is worth membership with one of these matched betting sites.

As you begin to complete more offers, you’ll be saving money on each lay bet you place.

If you have around £42 winning lay bets a day, you’d have already saved more in commission than the most expensive monthly membership (£24.99).

19. Explain To Your Partner

Man talking to partner about matched betting telling her it isn't gambling

This is maybe one the matched betting tips you didn’t expect, but I think is important.

If you really want to earn a regular £200-£500 each month, you’ll need to be spending a little time each day matched betting.

If you don’t explain what it is that you are doing, it can look a little suspicious.

This is actually very understandable.

Your partner might see you on lots of different betting sites, spinning slots, playing blackjack and so on.

If you haven’t mentioned anything, why wouldn’t they assume you have a gambling problem!?

So a quick explanation to your partner will go a long way (or show them this amazing matched betting guide 😉 ).

Furthermore, it helps to have someone you can talk to about how your progress is going.

A final added benefit of talking to your partner is an option that could double your profits in the future by using partner friendly bookmakers.

20. Reinvest

As your matched betting profits grow, it can be tempting to treat yourself with the extra cash.

Of course, it’s completely up to you what you do with your profits.

However, if you want to get to a stage where you are making a regular £200-£500 profit a month, you’ll need to reinvest your profits.

The more money you have available, the faster your bank will grow.

This is because you can complete a number of different offers simultaneously.

You won’t be having to avoid some offers because your betting exchange account is too low on funds.

Additionally, you will definitely need a larger bankroll if you begin using partner-friendly bookies or multi accounting to enhance your profits.

21. Use Two Screens

You could reinvest your matched betting profits in a different way by purchasing a second screen.

Having two screens helps productivity and makes things altogether easier.

It saves you having to constantly flick back to the Oddsmatcher, or bookmaker, or exchange or spreadsheet etc.

There are alternatives to help you if you don’t have the extra money or space for a new screen or device.

You could use your phone to log in to bookmakers and use your computer for everything else.

Having two screens can be really beneficial when trying to catch close odds matches whilst doing the 2up early payout or extra place offers.

My matched betting setup with multiple screens on a deskI started with one screen and eventually, it got out of hand.

Final Thoughts On My 21 Matched Betting Tips For 2022

I hope these matched betting tips have been useful and you can implement at least one to help you boost your profits in 2022 and beyond.

Have I missed anything?

If you have any matched betting tips of your own I’d love to hear them.

Author: Charles Howard