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Bridging the Gap in the affiliate sector

Affiliate Roulette, a new platform for iGaming operators and their Affiliate Managers, has launched, with the goal of bridging the gap between operators and affiliates

The platform offers a unique space for verified operators to rate, review and share performance data about any affiliate company they have collaborated with. But Affiliate Roulette is not just another review site, it is a community-driven platform that thrives on the participation and contribution of its members.

The platform’s mission is to streamline affiliation, eliminating the guesswork from decision-making processes and providing a single source for both operators and affiliates to promote, interact and collaborate.

With features like company profile uploads, rankings, reviews, and exposure through newsletters, Affiliates can establish a trusted industry rating, drawing inspiration from Trustpilot.

With no current regulations on affiliates and no public platform for past work reviews, Affiliate Roulette fills this void, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.

In the first three weeks following launch, Affiliate Roulette saw the addition of over 400 Affiliate Profiles and 50+ rankings and reviews.

And to celebrate its launch, Affiliate Roulette is offering free membership for operators and their Affiliate Managers. Affiliates can submit a basic company profile for free, with premium services available at a monthly fee of €25. Featured Spots and Premium Site Placement upgrades are also available.

Author: Charles Howard