Fujitsu invites innovation and ideas with Lighthouse initiative

Fujitsu invites innovation and ideas with Lighthouse initiative

Leading solutions provider Fujitsu is driving innovation within the iGaming industry with the launch of the Lighthouse Initiative.

The initiative aims to help companies in the iGaming industry and beyond link key technological trends to business opportunities. Fujitsu is encouraging companies to share their next big ideas as it seeks to explore new technological advancements, sparking a wave of change and innovation.

Three key trends that the initiative focuses on are AI, data science and containerisation, and companies should prepare short presentations for their innovations, highlighting how they align with any of the three aforementioned technological trends.

Fujitsu will work closely with successful companies, providing step-by-step guidance and access to resources for ideas that fulfil their criteria. Successful candidates could be provided with a support pool of up to €100,000, while also receiving free support from the Fujitsu DX innovation team.

The initiative also gives companies the chance to test their ideas risk-free using their DX Innovation Platform. This is a secure platform where they can test their AI, data and container applications.

Nick McDonald, Global Account Director at Fujitsu UK, says: “AI, data science and containerisation are going to change the way the world does business in the coming years, and Fujitsu wants to invite iGaming companies to be at the forefront of this movement.

“Our wealth of resources and the DX Innovation Platform, combined with the fresh ideas of companies within the industry, can help to create an exciting new future for everybody. We are excited to work with companies to help their ideas become a reality and to throw our arms around these emerging technologies and the positive changes they can bring.”

Enterprises looking to participate in the Lighthouse Initiative are encouraged to register interest with Fujitsu by requesting an application form from

Author: Charles Howard