Interblock celebrates successful G2E Las Vegas

Interblock, renowned for its luxury electronic table gaming (ETG) solutions, concluded a successful exhibition at this year’s G2E Las Vegas, solidifying its status as an innovator in the gaming industry.

Headlining was the award-winning Smart Pit technology, which seamlessly integrates into live pits, effectively empowering dealers with more decisions per hour, ensuring accurate payouts with chip-less technology and reduced labour costs by optimising dealer to player ratios.

Additional ETG products included Bonus Wheel Roulette, a dual wheel bonus system that increases betting opportunities, Reel Roulette, granting players the chance to win up to 1000x their bet and Pick2Win Craps, which enables players to choose their dice and have a level of control previously unseen in the ETG segment.

Interblock also demonstrated the new Tournament feature on the Pulse Arena. Unlike traditional Interblock games where players face off against the house, tournaments introduce an exciting twist with participants competing against each other.

Alongside these products, Interblock introduced a unique LED signage package for the company’s Universal Cabinets. This deploys Interblock’s signature Immersion Technology to fully engage players with dazzling animations from top to bottom. Multiple cabinets on the same floor can communicate to show the same images, making an eye-catching display and profound presence on the casino floor.

Earlier this year, Interblock acquired a section of Aruze Gaming’s ETG assets. Those recently acquired products, including Lucky Roulette, Roll to Win Craps and Shoot to Win Craps, were also displayed.

On October 9th, John Connelly, Global CEO of Interblock, gave an insightful presentation entitled Transforming Table Games Through Technology, exploring the ways in which technological advancements have impacted the gaming sector and transformed table games.

Author: Charles Howard