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RAW iGaming teams up with Digitain

RAW iGaming, the developer that takes a “Stand Out or Stand Down!” approach to its online slots, has joined forces with Digitain in a deal that significantly increases the distribution and reach of its titles.

Operators powered by the Digitain platform can now offer their players some of the most in-demand content in the market, with each of RAW’s games having been designed to put players on the edge of their seats.

This is achieved through RAW’s unique approach to game development which combines trademarked mechanics and bonus features with striking design, big sound and characters and narratives that draw players in.

Digitain now has access to RAW iGaming’s full portfolio with leading games including Ave Caesar, Raging Super2Ways and the latest release, Twisted Toy Tales. These titles include RAW’s flagship innovations such as SuperSlice, SuperTracks and SuperSymbols.

Digitain’s commitment aligns with RAW’s development philosophy, making this a strong partnership between two companies that believe in pushing boundaries and trying new things.

Tom Wood, Founder & CEO of RAW iGaming, says: “Players like to try new things, but they are not willing to spend time and money learning something entirely new. They want to play, and they want to be entertained, and we ensure that is the case when they engage with any one of our titles.

“This partnership with Digitain is a big step forward as it significantly increases the reach of our games among prestigious operators as well as challenger brands looking for something new.”

Author: Charles Howard