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RAW introduces AI-powered Virtual Intelligent Behaviour Engine

RAW iGaming continues to position itself at the cutting-edge of game development with the launch of its latest proprietary feature, RAW VIBE.

An AI-powered Virtual Intelligent Behaviour Engine that allows the studio to incorporate complex characters and narratives into titles, this brings a never-seen-before level of player engagement and interaction to its games.

While it’s not uncommon for slots to have character-based themes, until now these characters have often been limited to mere eye-candy. With RAW VIBE, the studio can create a character with a complex personality, a deeply compelling backstory and weave this into the narrative of the game.

RAW VIBE TM will make its debut in Twisted Toy Tales, a unique character-driven game that sees four teenage heroes go up against Juggy, an evil animatronic toy with an errant AI who is hell-bent on hunting them down and blocking their wins.

Juggy is the first AI character in any slot game, and he interacts with players in multiple languages, based on the player’s location, adding haunting commentary throughout the session as he freely moves around the game. You never know where he will appear and what he will say.

Tom Wood, Founder & CEO of RAW iGaming, says the studio’s latest trademarked feature release shows how AI can be used to deliver new and exciting player experiences.

“RAW VIBE allows us to bring in-game personas to life and for their dialogue to be a major part of the player experience for the first time.

“Twisted Toy Tales is the first version of VIBE and as AI develops, so will the ability of VIBE and the characters that use it. This is yet another example of how we push boundaries by leveraging the latest technologies available to us.”

Author: Charles Howard